Broadcom Acquires Widcomm WIDCOMM, Inc., the Leading Provider of Software Solutions for Bluetooth® Wireless Products

Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications, acquired WIDCOMM, Inc. in April 2004, a privately-held, San Diego-based company that is the leading provider of software solutions for Bluetooth® wireless products. For further information visit

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WIDCOMM, Inc. (“Wireless Internet and Data/Voice Communications”) is a leading software provider of Bluetooth™ short-range wireless connectivity solutions. WIDCOMM, the first company to bring certified Bluetooth software to the world, is now the market leader in supplying Bluetooth software and systems to semiconductor, consumer electronic manufactures, and computing device OEMs.widcomm_com

The company’s mission is to help these customers bring complete, interoperable, and seamless wireless connectivity solutions to market quickly and easily.

WIDCOMM is uniquely positioned to become the world’s leading wireless connectivity platform company, an invaluable supplier and partner to chip and device OEMs seeking to bring wireless products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

WIDCOMM products include the following:

  1. Wireless connectivity software solutions integrated on-chip for Bluetooth
  2. Production-ready turnkey designs for products like headsets, phone adapters, printer adapters, access points, PDA, Microsoft window and PC peripherals
  3. Bluetooth for seamless connectivity in the home, office or car.

WIDCOMM’s competitive advantages include established market leadership in Bluetooth software and turnkey designs, and unparalleled short-range wireless technology focus, expertise, and IP.

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