Surfshark Free Trial For 30-Days With This Hack

Surfshark is an innovative, feature-packed VPN known for its unlimited streaming capabilities and affordable plans with a 30-day free trial in form of its money-back guarantee.

Access geo-restricted sites with ease (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.). The VPN has 3200+ servers, military-grade security, and a lot more. It is a must-have VPN.

A heads-up though. Before trying Surfshark out, you should test the app for free. Luckily we have figured a way to get a Surfshark free trial – for 30 days. Keep reading and learn how to use Surfshark for free to unblock Disney+ in the Philippines or anything in 2023.

How to Get a Surfshark Free Trial?

You should know that Surfshark does not “technically” offer a free trial on all devices. A 7-day free trial is limited to the mobile (iOS/Android) version. Even then, you still have to add credit card details.

Although, it has an even better offer – a 30-day cash-back guarantee. Use Surfshark for “free” by initially paying for a plan and then getting a refund within a month. Meaning that you’ll be able to test the app for a longer period. Simply sign-up, choose a plan, pay, and then get a refund later.

With a free month-long Surfshark free trial, try out all the features: NoBorders mode, MultiHop, CleanWeb, etc. The entire process is risk-free and getting a refund is fairly easy. Don’t worry. We’ll explain, read on:

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark from their website
    Firstly, open Surfshark’s website on your desktop. You will come across a “red” banner with the following message instantly: Get Surfshark VPN. Click on that button and proceed further.
  2. Select a suitable plan
    Despite the fact that you want to cancel after a month, go through the plans. What if you decide to use Surfshark for a longer time? What if you forget to cancel the plan? As a whole, SurfShark is affordable, so choose a plan according to your needs. We recommended the most inexpensive option – $2.29/mo (Save 79% and get 2 extra months FREE with 24-month plan) most popular deal.
    Other plans include; a yearly plan ($3.99/mo) and a standard monthly ($12.95) one. You can save 69% on yearly plan.
  3. Sign-up with your details
    Scroll further down the line and create an account. Just add personal info, email, and set up a password. The account will work on all your devices, simultaneously – for an unlimited time.
    Remember to note this info down, you’ll need it later. Also, rest assured, SurfShark has a strict no-log policy. Your private info will remain safe.
  4. Choose payment method
    Surfshark has allowed easy, quick payment gateways. Choose between a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and even cryptocurrency. You are eligible for a refund, either way, so select an option that you are comfortable with.

Once the payment is clear, an order confirmation message will show up on the screen and you’ll be alerted on email as well. Click on “continue” option and manage the account. That’s about it – you are now a part of Surfshark’s community. Enjoy the app for a month, for free.

Now, once the month ends, get your due refund through Surfshark’s live chat. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Surfshark’s website and scroll down to the rightmost corner. Click on the blue-themedsupport” icon.
  2. A search bar will appear. You can write any query, by the way. For this case, we’ll type out “live chat” and then click on enter chat.
  3. Once a customer support representative shows up, state that you want to cancel for any reason. You can even just tell them that you just want to cancel, no further questions asked. We have tested their money-back guarantee and they truly meet the expectations they set.

Your refund will be processed immediately and that’s about it. It’s a simple process – you sign-up, use the VPN for a month, and then get a refund through live chat. This way, you have successfully used a Surfshark free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions to Get a Surfshark Free Trial

How to cancel Surfshark’s plan?

It’s easy. You can cancel anytime, even a day later. Simply contact SurfShark’s 24/7 customer support on email, contact form or live chat – ask them to cancel the subscription. Here’s a step-by-step guide of the contact form:

  1. Click on “help” at the rightmost top of Surfshark’s website. Then click on submit a request.
  2. On the form, select the subject as “billing” and write your concerns (ask for a refund).
  3. Once you submit the application, you’ll be contacted by SurfShark under 24-hours.

If you do not want to wait for 24 hours, contact SurfShark through the mentioned live chat box or leave them an email:

Why is Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee better than a VPN free trial?

You get “full access” with Surfshark’s 30-day cash-back offer. Most of the time, VPNs restrict their users in free trial versions; even Surfshark does. For instance, the 7-day free trial only has a few servers, strict data caps, and includes limited features.

What is Surfshark’s refund policy?

It is pretty clear. Once you ask for a refund, Surfshark will instantly cancel your plan and return the due amount. For any queries, email them:

However, there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Make sure to claim a refund under 30 days and follow the stated terms and conditions. Any misuse of the VPN will result in consequences – not getting a refund is one of them. Other than that, you are good to go.

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