How to Watch Irish TV Channels in UK in Jul 2024

If you’re in UK and eager to catch up on your favorite Irish TV channels like RTE or TG4, you may encounter restrictions due to copyright and licensing issues. However, there’s a solution to overcome these barriers and enjoy Irish content abroad easily – a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When you connect to a VPN, you’re assigned an IP address based on the server location you connect to. For instance, connecting to a server in Ireland grants you an Irish IP address. This allows you to unblock and watch your preferred Irish TV shows in UK.

But which VPN does The VPN Experts recommend?

Surfshark is our top pick for streaming. They’ve got plenty of server locations in Ireland, and the pricing starts at just $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with 24-month plan). And if you’re not completely sold, don’t worry – they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of using a VPN to access Irish TV channels in UK. Additionally, we’ll highlight some of the best VPNs for this purpose.

Let’s get started…

6 Steps to Watch Irish TV Channels in UK in 2024

Here are 6 simple steps on how to watch Irish TV Channels in UK :

  1. Start by subscribing to a reputable VPN service like Surfshark, known for its affordability.
  2. Download and install the Surfshark app on your device.
  3. Launch the app and use your login credentials to access your account.
  4. Connect to an Irish server within the Surfshark app to gain access to Irish TV Channels.
  5. Create an account on the platform of your preferred Irish TV channel.
  6. Sign in to your newly created account and start enjoying Irish TV Channels from UK.

Remember that only reliable VPNs, such as Surfshark, can provide secure, high-speed connections, allowing you to bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy Irish TV Channels in the UK .

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access Irish TV Channels in UK?

Due to broadcasting regulations, the Irish are pretty strict about keeping their content within Irish borders.

Attempt to access Irish TV channels from outside Ireland and you’d be slapped with a geo-restriciton error to the face.

access Irish TV channels in the UK

Their IP tracking system is like a hawk, quick to spot any non-Irish IP address.

But guess what?

You can outsmart these virtual restrictions with the magic of a VPN. Connect to an Irish server, and it not only hides your real IP but hands you an Irish one, leaving the Irish TV Channels’ tracking system scratching its head.

Our top recommendation is Surfshark. They’ve got a bunch of Irish servers and a starting price that won’t break the bank at just $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with 24-month plan)

Quick Overview of the Best VPNs to Stream Irish Channels in UK

Fastest VPN
$ 6.67
  • 80+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 3000+ servers (90+ countries)
  • 5.0/5.0 stars
  • 8 multi-logins
  • 49% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get ExpressVPN
Best Overall VPN
$ 2.19
  • 75+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 3200+ servers (100+ countries)
  • 5.0/5.0 stars
  • Unlimited multi-logins
  • 86% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get Surfshark
Massive VPN Servers
$ 3.69
  • 70+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 5,600+ servers (59+ countries)
  • 4.5/5.0 stars
  • 10 multi-logins
  • 55% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get NordVPN

3 Best VPN Services to Watch Irish Channels in UK

1. Surfshark – The Best VPN for Watching Irish Channels in UK

Best VPN for Watching Irish Channels in UK

Topping our list of VPNs for unlocking Irish TV Channels in UK is Surfshark.

Surfshark’s standout feature is its array of multiple Irish servers, ensuring seamless access to Irish TV Channels like RTÉ One, RTÉ2, TV3, TG4, 3e and Dáil & Seanad from UK.

Our testing involved connecting to Surfshark’s Irish servers, resulting in smooth streaming of Irish TV Channel content without any buffering.

Surfshark doesn’t limit itself to just Irish TV Channels; it excels at breaking through geo-restrictions for various platforms, providing you the freedom to access a range of streaming services.

In terms of speed, Surfshark delivers top-notch performance for uninterrupted streaming. Starting with an initial speed of 30 Mbps, we consistently experienced an average download speed of 24.21 Mbps.

Surfshark takes versatility to the next level by allowing you to use a single subscription on multiple devices simultaneously – making it the best VPN for multi-device usage.

With user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, Surfshark has you covered across all your devices. Plus, it employs robust 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the safety of your online activities.

All these benefits come at a cost of just $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with 24-month plan) and Surfshark provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. For a detailed look at what Surfshark offers, dive into our comprehensive Surfshark review.

2. ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN to Unblock Irish Channels in UK

Fastest VPN to Unblock Irish Channels in UK

Moving on, if you’re after the speediest VPN to access Irish TV Channels in UK, look no further than ExpressVPN. It’s your ultimate choice for lightning-fast streaming.

ExpressVPN boasts an extensive network of over 3000 servers spread across 94 countries, including a robust presence in Ireland.

What sets ExpressVPN apart is its servers’ ability to deliver blazing speeds, guaranteeing a buffer-free, high-definition streaming experience on Irish TV Channels.

In our tests, ExpressVPN achieved an impressive download speed of 28.97 Mbps on a base connection of 30 Mbps, outpacing its competition.

ExpressVPN also excels at unblocking other major streaming services from around the globe. Whether it’s Netflix, Voot, Zee5, Hulu, SonyLiv, BBC iPlayer, or more, ExpressVPN has you covered.

This VPN also seamlessly works on a variety of devices, including iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Nvidia Shield, Smart TVs, and various streaming gadgets.

Plus ExpressVPN is affordable as it allows up to 8 simultaneous logins and featuring a handy Smart DNS option called MediaStreamer.

If we talk about cost, ExpressVPN is available at a monthly cost of $6.67/mo. For an in-depth look at this provider and its performance with Irish TV Channels, check out our comprehensive ExpressVPN review.

3. NordVPN – Top-tier Security to Access Irish Channels in UK

Top-tier Security to Access Irish Channels in UK

Wrapping up our recommendations, we have NordVPN as the dependable choice for unlocking Irish TV Channels in the UK.

NordVPN boasts an extensive arsenal of over 5400 high-speed servers spread across 59 countries, including a noteworthy 50+ servers located in Ireland.

This abundance of servers ensures NordVPN provides a seamless streaming experience, allowing you to easily find a server for uninterrupted access to Irish TV Channels in HD quality.

NordVPN doesn’t lag in the speed department either. During our testing on a 30 Mbps connection, it consistently delivered decent download speeds of 23.98 Mbps, ensuring smooth streaming of Irish TV Channel content.

A notable perk is NordVPN’s compatibility with dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV. They also offer browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome, similar to Surfshark.

NordVPN is not only easy on the wallet but also allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. One standout feature is their 24/7 live chat support, ready to assist with any questions you might have.

In terms of pricing, NordVPN offers a competitive rate of just $3.69/mo (Save 55% and get 3 extra months FREE with 24-month plan). Plus, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

For a comprehensive look at the features and performance of NordVPN with Irish TV Channels, delve into our detailed NordVPN review.

How Can You Sign Up for Irish Channels in UK?

Although there are many popular Irish TV channels, I’ll share with you an example of Virgin Media Player. You can follow similar steps to sign up for any other Irish TV channel.

Sign Up for Irish Channels

  • Visit the Virgin Media Player website and either sign in with your existing account or create a new one. Follow the same steps for other Irish streaming services.

sign in with your existing account

  • Look for the “Register here” option on the website.

sign in with your existing account

  • Provide your personal information and choose an email address and password to complete the registration process for your account. If needed, you can find an Irish zip code on Google. Click the “Create account” button to finish the sign-up process.

finish the sign-up process for irish channel


How to Stream Irish TV Channels in UK on Your Devices?

To watch Irish TV channels in the UK on any device, you must follow a few steps, starting with connecting to a VPN. Doing this lets you change your virtual location, making it appear like you’re in Ireland, where these channels are accessible.

Let’s go through the process of downloading your favorite Irish TV apps on various devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, Smart TVs, and Roku.

How to Access Irish TV Channels in UK on Android Devices?

  • Sign up for a VPN service like Surfshark and install it on your Android device.
  • Launch the VPN app, choose an Irish server from the server list, and connect to it.
  • Open the Google Play app on your Android device, tap your profile icon, and go to Settings > General > Account and device preferences > Country and Profiles.
  • Select “Ireland” from the list of countries.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add a payment method for the Irish region.
  • Once your account region is updated to Ireland, access the Google Play store and search for the Irish TV channel app on your Android device.
  • Download and install the app, such as RTE or TG4, and sign in to your account. Now, you’re ready to enjoy Irish TV channels in the UK .

How to Stream Irish TV Channels in UK on iOS Devices?

  • Sign up for a VPN like Surfshark on your iOS device.
  • Open the VPN app, navigate to the server list, and select an Irish server to connect to.
  • Go to your iOS device’s Settings app.
  • Tap on your name, then select “Media & Purchases.”
  • Tap on “View Account,” and sign in if required.
  • Select “Country/Region.”
  • Choose “Change Country or Region.”
  • Scroll through the list and pick “Ireland” as your new country or region. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Tap “Agree” in the top right-hand corner, then confirm by tapping “Agree” again.
  • Select a payment method and provide your new payment information and billing address. Tap “Next” to proceed.
  • After your region is updated, access the Apple App Store.
  • Search for the Irish TV channel app, such as RTE or TG4.
  • Download and install the app on your iOS device.
  • Sign in to your account, and you’re set to enjoy Irish TV channels in the UK .

How to Watch Irish TV Channels on Firestick in UK?

  • Sign up for Surfshark on your Firestick.
  • Launch the Surfshark app and select an Irish server from the server list to connect to.
  • On your Fire Stick’s home screen, navigate to “Find.”
  • Select “Search.”
  • Enter the name of the Irish TV channel, like RTE or TG4, into the search bar.
  • Choose the app from the search results under “Apps & Games.”
  • Click “Get” or “Download,” depending on the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait for the app to install.
  • To open the app, press the menu button on your Fire Stick’s remote control or click “Open.”

How to Unblock Irish TV Channels on Smart TV in UK?

  • Download a VPN app that offers servers in Ireland. Surfshark is recommended.
  • Access your router settings by entering your router’s IP address into your web browser’s search bar.
  • Configure your router to connect to an Irish server using the VPN app. Some routers come with built-in VPN capabilities, and setting up a VPN connection is often done as follows:
  • Launch your web browser on a device connected to your network.
  • Log in using your router’s credentials (username and password).
  • Locate and enable the VPN option in the router’s settings, often found under “Advanced” or a similar section.
  • Connect to an Irish server using your router’s VPN settings.
  • Download the Irish TV channel app, such as RTE or TG4, on your Smart TV or visit its website.
  • Sign in or create an account, and you’re all set to enjoy Irish TV channels on your Smart TV in the UK .

How to Unblock and Watch Irish TV Channels on Roku in UK?

  • Subscribe to Surfshark.
  • Set up and configure the VPN on your router, connecting to a server located in Ireland.
  • Ensure that your Roku device is connected to the same router running the VPN.
  • Download the Irish TV channel app, like RTE or TG4, on your Roku device.
  • Search for your favorite content within the channel and enjoy Irish TV channels on your Roku in the UK.

Best Irish TV Channels to Watch in UK

Here’s a list of some of the top entertainment Irish TV channels:

  • RTÉ One
  • RTÉ One HD
  • RTÉ One +1
  • RTÉ2
  • RTÉ2 HD
  • RTÉ2+1
  • Virgin Media One
  • Virgin Media One +1
  • Virgin Media One HD
  • TG4
  • TG4 HD
  • Virgin Media Two
  • Virgin Media Two HD
  • Virgin Media Three
  • Virgin Media Three HD
  • Virgin Media Four
  • Virgin Media Four HD
  • Virgin Media More

Upcoming Irish Movies and TV Shows to Watch in UK in 2024

Here’s a list of some amazing, latest and upcoming Irish TV shows and movies you can watch.

  1. So This is Christmas
  2. Ó Bhéal
  3. Stolen
  4. The Gone
  5. Hidden Assets (Season Two)
  6. Obituary
  7. Blackshore
  8. The Dry (Season Two)
  9. The Boy That Never Was
  10. Carrigstown (Fair City)
  11. The Late Late Show
  12. Ireland’s Fittest Family
  13. The Tommy Tiernan Show
  14. Dancing with the Stars
  15. The Money List
  16. The Full Irish Hidden Camera Show
  17. Love in the Country
  18. First Dates
  19. Foclóir Brille
  20. The Young Offenders
  21. 112 Days – Man Vs Ocean
  22. Stardust
  23. Patrick: A Young Traveller Lost
  24. Dr Cassidy’s Casebook – The Femicide Cases
  25. Richie Sadlier – Let’s Talk About Sex
  26. Climate Live 2050
  27. Heated
  28. A Climate of Change
  29. What’s Next?
  30. Face Down
  31. An Old Song Re-Sung
  32. Culture Night
  33. Aistear an Amhráin
  34. Dolores@70
  35. Cloch Le Carn
  36. Songlines
  37. The Meaning of Life with Joe Duffy
  38. Fools for Love
  39. Sun, Sea, and Scalpels
  40. Keith’s Teeth: A Dental Odyssey
  41. Inside Penneys
  42. A Ring and A Prayer
  43. Secret Life of Your Body
  44. Big Life Fix
  45. Raised by the Village
  46. Operation Transformation
  47. Marty’s Big Picture Show
  48. Dermot Bannon’s Super Spaces
  49. Storybud
  50. Ladybird and Bee
  51. Tír na nÓg
  52. Will Sliney’s Storytellers 2
  53. Ray of Sunshine

Best Irish Shows to Watch in the UK in 2024

Top Irish Movies to Watch in UK in 2024

Best Channels Other Than Irish TV Channels to Watch in UK

Can you get RTE in UK?

While RTE is typically accessible only in Ireland, you can use Surfshark to unlock RTE content from any country, including the United Kingdom.

How do I get RTE on a gaming console?

To watch RTÉ content on your gaming console in the UK, choose a reliable VPN like Surfshark, install it on your router, and launch the RTE Player app on your console.


Irish TV channels offer a diverse range of captivating shows, movies, and documentaries, but accessing them from outside Ireland can be a hurdle.

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution – a reliable VPN. For an excellent experience with Irish TV channels in UK, we recommend using Surfshark.

Using a VPN, you can effortlessly bypass geographical restrictions and create the illusion that you’re in Ireland. This allows you to indulge in the fantastic content offered by popular Irish channels. Plus, your online activities remain secure and private throughout the streaming experience.

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