2 Step Fix Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error

So there’s an error with Hotspot Shield that I just came across. When running Hotspot Shield, sometimes, you might come across Hotspot Shield’s system error message saying, Something went wrong”. Although an annoying error, but an easy one to fix. In today’s knowledge base, I’m going to tell you exactly how to easily fix Hotspot Shield something went wrong error message.

How to fix the system error message: “Something went wrong” when running Hotspot Shield?

Now before we go through the steps, do keep in mind that the instructions below will only work if you’ve downloaded Hotspot Shield from www.hotspotshield.com and not from anywhere else. Now that we have all that cleared up, let’s get on with the steps, shall we?

Manually start Hotspot Shield

1. On your Windows computer, hit the Windows key and search for “Services.


2. Next, look for Hotspot Shield, “Right-click it” and select “Start.


This should hopefully get everything up and running. However, if Hotspot Shield is already in “Running” state even without you right-clicking it and hitting start, then you’ll need to uninstall and then reinstall it again to hopefully fix the Hotspot Shield error.

Hotspot Shield Service already running on Windows

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