How To Watch Fubo TV Outside the USA in Jun 2024

Fubo TV, a prominent global sports network, offers a comprehensive range of sports content, including live broadcasts, highlights, and analyses from different sports channels.

Covering diverse sporting events like football, basketball, tennis, motorsports, and more, it has gained popularity for its extensive coverage of major football leagues and sports events such as La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1,Winter Olympics and the UEFA Champions League, under the channels that can be streamed.

Despite its global presence, Fubo TV faces regional restrictions, limiting access for viewers outside certain regions, including outside the US. To overcome these restrictions, methods like VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have become essential, allowing fans to enjoy the diverse and exciting content offered by Fubo TV from any location.

This is why one must possess a US IP address and a Fubo TV account to enjoy Fubo TV outside the US. Fortunately, this can be managed with the assistance of a top-tier VPN service. Surfshark, our top recommendation, offers multiple blazing-fast servers across the US.

Moreover, it’s available at just $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 24-month plan) and comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this concise unblocking guide, we’ll outline how to unblock Fubo TV outside the US in straightforward steps.

Let’s dive in!

5 Easy Steps To Watch Fubo TV Outside the US in April 2024

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download and install Surfshark, the Premier VPN for Fubo TV Access outside the US.
  2. Connect to a US Server. We Suggest Opting for a Server in Long Island for Optimal Performance.
  3. Visit the Fubo TV Website.
  4. Log in to your Fubo TV Account or Sign Up if You’re New.
  5. Start Enjoying Your Preferred Fubo TV Content Outside the US.

Why Use a VPN to Unlock Fubo TV Outside the US?


Accessing Fubo TV outside the US can be challenging due to location-based restrictions. Fubo TV, a leading sports channels streaming platform, primarily caters to viewers within the United States and other major regions.

If you’re located outside the US and try to access Fubo TV directly, you’ll likely receive a message stating that the service is only available in the United States or that Fubo content is currently not available in your location.

This is precisely why a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is crucial. A VPN enables you to camouflage your actual location by connecting to a server situated in the US.

Doing so tricks Fubo TV’s servers into thinking you’re accessing the service from within the United States. This grants you seamless access to online Fubo TV content outside the US. 

Top VPNs for Streaming Fubo TV Outside the US

Here’s a quick rundown of the top VPNs to effortlessly access Fubo TV from anywhere outside the United States.

  1. Surfshark: When unlocking Fubo TV beyond US borders, Surfshark takes the lead. It boasts a plethora of US servers alongside a vast global network of 3200+, allowing for unlimited simultaneous connections and a secure 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. ExpressVPN: For streaming Fubo TV shows in impeccable HD quality, ExpressVPN stands out. With a network of 3000+ servers worldwide, including numerous in the US, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless streaming experience. Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and connect up to 5 devices at once.
  3. NordVPN: Known for its impressive speed and extensive server network, NordVPN is a solid choice for streaming Fubo TV outside the US. With over 5500 servers worldwide, including hundreds in the United States, NordVPN provides comprehensive coverage. They also offer a hassle-free 30-day refund policy.

Quick Overview of Best VPNs to Fubo TV Outside the US

Fastest VPN
$ 6.67
  • 80+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 3000+ servers (90+ countries)
  • 5.0/5.0 stars
  • 8 multi-logins
  • 49% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get ExpressVPN
Best Overall VPN
$ 2.19
  • 75+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 3200+ servers (100+ countries)
  • 5.0/5.0 stars
  • Unlimited multi-logins
  • 86% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get Surfshark
Massive VPN Servers
$ 3.69
  • 70+ Mbps /100 Mbps
  • 5,600+ servers (59+ countries)
  • 4.5/5.0 stars
  • 10 multi-logins
  • 55% Discount
  • 3 Months Free
Get NordVPN

Top 3 VPN Services for Streaming Fubo TV Outside the US

After extensively testing over 30+ VPN services, we’ve selected the best VPN providers that seamlessly enable Fubo TV access outside the US.

These selections were based on crucial factors like the availability of US servers, consistently reliable connections for streaming, and excellent value for money.

1. Surfshark – Optimal VPN for Fubo TV Access Outside the US


Servers — 3200+ servers in 100+ countries.
Unblocks — Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more.
Torrenting — Offers P2P optimized servers for Torrenting.
Simultaneous connections — Offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
Logs — Strict no-log policy
Money-back guarantee — 30-day refund policy.
Visit Surfshark

Surfshark emerges as an exceptionally cost-effective VPN solution for streaming Fubo TV outside US. Alongside its affordability, Surfshark excels at bypassing geo-blocks and restrictions imposed by prominent streaming platforms like Fubo TV.

With an extensive network spanning 100 countries and over 3200 servers, Surfshark boasts 650+ servers in the US, guaranteeing an authentic US IP address for uninterrupted streaming on Fubo TV.

During our tests, Surfshark demonstrated remarkable performance, elevating our initial 30 Mbps connection to an impressive average download speed of 25.81 Mbps upon connecting to a US server. This ensured a seamless HD-quality viewing experience for a popular show.

Additionally, Surfshark is a versatile choice for streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy access to blocked content from any location.

Surfshark’s versatility also extends to device compatibility, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Fubo TV shows on various platforms, including iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac.

With support for unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account, it’s an ideal choice for households with multiple devices.

Priced at just $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 24-month plan), Surfshark is a budget-friendly option for accessing Fubo TV outside the US. Moreover, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

For a comprehensive analysis of Surfshark’s features, explore our detailed review.

2. ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Unblocking Fubo TV Outside the US


Servers — 3000+ servers in 100+ countries.
Unblocks — Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more.
Torrenting — Offers Network Lock for secure Torrenting.
Simultaneous connections — Offers 8 simultaneous connections.
Logs — Strict no-log policy
Money-back guarantee — 30-day refund policy.
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is renowned as the fastest VPN for accessing Fubo TV outside the US, offering a seamless streaming experience. Recognized for its exceptional speed and reliability, ExpressVPN is a go-to option for unblocking various streaming services.

Boasting an extensive network of over 3000 servers spanning 105 countries, ExpressVPN ensures ample servers in the US, making it an ideal choice for unblocking Fubo TV’s content.

In our testing, ExpressVPN exhibited exceptional performance. With an initial connection speed of 30 Mbps, we achieved an impressive download speed of 28.71 Mbps when connected to a US server, ensuring smooth streaming of Fubo TV without buffering or lag.

ExpressVPN provides seamless compatibility across a wide range of devices, including Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs, and more. Furthermore, it includes a complimentary MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature, enabling usage on devices that lack native VPN support.

Priced at $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 24-month plan), ExpressVPN provides exceptional value for its feature-rich service. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

To explore its performance, features, and pricing in-depth, dive into our comprehensive ExpressVPN review.

3. NordVPN – Premium Security for Accessing Fubo TV Outside the US


Servers — 5,200+ servers in 59+ countries.
Unblocks — Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more.
Torrenting — Offer obfuscated and P2P optimized servers.
Simultaneous connections — Offers 6 simultaneous connections.
Logs — Strict no-log policy
Money-back guarantee — 30-day refund policy.
Visit NordVPN

NordVPN stands as a top-tier choice for streaming Fubo TV outside the US. With one of the most extensive server networks in the VPN landscape, NordVPN offers over 5200 servers spread across 59+ countries.

Significantly, a majority of these servers are located in the US, providing robust support for unblocking Fubo TV.

Through our meticulous testing, NordVPN demonstrated high effectiveness. Connecting to its US server seamlessly granted access to Fubo TV. The streaming experience was exceptionally smooth, devoid of any buffering issues.

While NordVPN may not match the rapid speeds of ExpressVPN, it remains highly efficient at unblocking Fubo TV and facilitating 4K streaming. Achieving an impressive speed of 24.85 Mbps on a base connection of 30 Mbps ensured a buffer-free viewing experience.

NordVPN’s servers feature SmartPlay technology, designed to bypass geo-restrictions on various websites effortlessly. Beyond Fubo TV, users can enjoy other popular US streaming platforms, including Hulu and Disney+.

NordVPN further distinguishes itself from user-friendly native applications available for a wide range of devices. Additionally, a single NordVPN account supports simultaneous connections on up to six devices.

Pricing-wise, NordVPN offers exceptional value at just $3.69 per month (with a 55% discount and an additional three months free on the 24-month plan). Additionally, the service includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

For a comprehensive overview of NordVPN, take advantage of our detailed review.

How to Sign Up for Fubo TV Outside the US

Registering for Fubo TV from locations outside the US is a simple process, unlocking a world of sports entertainment within your home. Follow these steps to create an account and access Fubo TV’s extensive content library from any location globally.

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: Opt for a trustworthy VPN service capable of providing access to Fubo TV from your non-US location.
  2. Connect to a US VPN Server: Once you have your VPN, connect to a server situated in the United States, making it appear as if you are browsing from within the US.
  3. Visit the Fubo TV Website and Establish an Account: Go to the Fubo TV website, click  “Sign In.”Fubotv-outside-USA-Screenshot-Surfshark-VPN4. Choose Sign-Up : If you do not have a previous account , then choose sign up and enter relevant details.FuboTV--outside-USA-Screenshot-Surfshark-VPN5. Choose Your Plan: Select the streaming package that aligns with your preferences, ensuringFuboTV--outside-USA-Screenshot-Surfshark-VPN6. Commence Streaming Fubo TV: With your verified account, you’re set to start streaming Fubo TV outside the US. Explore the available content, choose what you want to watch, and enjoy live streams or on-demand shows and movies.

Which Devices Can Stream Fubo TV Outside USA?

Streaming Fubo TV outside the USA on various devices is a straightforward process, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy your preferred content. Here’s a compilation of top streaming devices capable of streaming Fubo TV outside the USA.

  1. Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer
  2. Mobile Devices: iOS (12.2+), Android (5.0+)
  3. Streaming Devices: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox
  4. Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Android TV (Sony, Nvidia Shield, etc.), Vizio SmartCast
  5. Other Devices: Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, AT&T TV, Hulu (with Fubo TV add-on)

Fubo TV’s compatibility may change over time, so it’s advisable to check the official Fubo TV website for the most up-to-date information.

How to Download Fubo TV App Outside the US on iOS

If you’re not in the US but want to download the Fubo TV app, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Surfshark on your iOS device.
  2. Go to the VPN server list and connect to a US server.
  3. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  4. Tap on your name, then go to Media & Purchases.
  5. Next, tap on View Account. You may need to sign in at this point.
  6. Tap on Country/Region.
  7. Select Change Country or Region.
  8. Scroll and designate the United States as your new country—consent to the terms and conditions.
  9. Click Agree in the top right corner and then reaffirm by tapping Agree again.
  10. Opt for a payment method, input new information and billing address, and click Next.
  11. Navigate to the Apple App Store and seek the Fubo TV app.
  12. Download and install the Fubo TV app on your iOS device to commence watching from beyond the USA.

How to Download Fubo TV App Outside the USA on Android

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN like Surfshark on your Android device.
  2. Connect to a US server from the VPN server list.
  3. Open the Google Play app on your Android device.
  4. Tap on the profile icon.
  5. Go to Settings > General > Account and device preferences > Country and Profiles.
  6. Choose the United States from the available options.
  7. Adhere to the on-screen instructions to add a payment method corresponding to the new country.
  8. After successfully changing your account region, proceed to locate and install the Fubo TV app on your Android device.
  9. Sign in to your Fubo TV account and enjoy content from outside the USA. Following these steps, you can download the Fubo TV app and enjoy its content even if you’re not in the USA.

What should you watch on Fubo TV outside the US in 2024?


Get ready for an exciting 2024 with Fubo TV outside US! Whether you love football, tennis, or motorsports, Fubo TV has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll highlight the must-watch events and exclusive content so you can experience the thrilling sports action. Let’s dive into the exciting lineup waiting for you!

Upcoming Programs and Events to Watch on Fubo TV Outside US in 2024

  • MLB Opening Day
    • April 10, 4:00 PM
    • Experience the excitement of the baseball season opener in 4K as top teams face off on FOX.
  • NBA Playoffs – Eastern Conference Finals Game 1
    • May 15, 12:00 PM
    • Watch the NBA’s elite compete for a spot in the finals in immersive 4K on ESPN.
  • UFC Championship Fight
    • June 20, 9:00 PM
    • Witness the adrenaline-pumping action of the UFC Championship fight night in crystal-clear 4K on Pay-Per-View.
  • Independence Day Fireworks Spectacular
    • July 4, 8:00 PM
    • Celebrate the Fourth of July with spectacular fireworks displays in 4K from across the country on NBC.
  • Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony
    • August 21, 7:00 PM
    • Bid farewell to the Summer Olympics with a grand ceremony broadcasted in stunning 4K on NBC.
  • NFL Kickoff Game
    • September 10, 3:30 PM
    • Kick off the NFL season with a highly anticipated matchup broadcasted in immersive 4K on FOX.
  • UEFA Champions League – Group Stage Match
    • October 20, 2:30 PM
    • Watch top European clubs battle it out in the UEFA Champions’ League group stage in 4K on CBS.
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix
    • November 15, 12:00 PM
    • Experience the speed and excitement of Formula 1 racing in breathtaking 4K detail on ESPN.
  • NBA Christmas Day Games
    • December 25, 12:00 PM
    • Enjoy a lineup of thrilling NBA matchups on Christmas Day, all broadcasted in immersive 4K on ABC.

Best Shows to Watch on Fubo TV Outside the US in 2024

  1. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • IMDb Rating: 1/10
  • Follow New York City detectives as they tackle domestic disputes, and kidnappings in this gripping crime series.
  1. Ruff Ryders Chronicles
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • Look into the rise of No Limit Records in this captivating documentary series exploring the world of hip-hop and its cultural impact.
  1. Homestead Rescue
  • IMDb Rating: 0/10
  • Join expert homesteader Marty Raney and his family as they assist struggling families in surviving off-the-grid in this thrilling reality series.
  1. SurrealEstate
  • IMDb Rating: 1/10
  • Real estate agent Luke Roman and his eclectic team specialize in selling haunted houses, examining the supernatural in this intriguing drama series.

Top Streaming Services Other than Fubo TV Outside US

While Fubo TV provides a wide variety of content, several other channels are worth considering, especially for viewers outside the USA. Here are some noteworthy alternatives:

Fubo TV outside US - FAQs

How can I watch Fubo TV if I'm located outside the United States?

You’ll need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to watch Fubo TV outside the US. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in the US, masking your actual location. This makes Fubo TV think you’re accessing the service from within the US, granting you full access to its content library.

What is a VPN, and how does it help access Fubo TV from abroad?

A VPN is a technology that creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the internet. In the context of Fubo TV, a VPN enables you to route your internet traffic through a server located in the US, effectively changing your virtual location.

This allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and access Fubo TV’s content, regardless of location.

Which VPN service is recommended for streaming Fubo TV outside the US?

Our top recommendation for streaming Fubo TV outside the US is Surfshark. Priced at just $2.89/mo (Save 85% and get 2 extra months FREE with a 24-month plan), Surfshark offers reliable and fast servers in the US, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Additionally, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Can I access all the same content on Fubo TV internationally as I would in the US?

Yes, with a VPN like Surfshark, you’ll have access to the entire content library of Fubo TV, just as if you were accessing it from within the US. This means you can enjoy all the shows, movies, and specials available on the platform without any limitations, regardless of your physical location.


After exploring this comprehensive guide, you now possess the necessary knowledge to access Fubo TV outside US, from anywhere in the world using a VPN.

By connecting to a different server through a VPN, you can obtain a US-based IP address. This strategic maneuver effectively circumvents Fubo TV’s geographical restrictions, granting you unrestricted access to its extensive content library.

In this context, our top recommendation is Surfshark. Priced at an incredibly affordable $2.19/mo (Save 86% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 24-month plan) . Surfshark stands out as the premier VPN choice for streaming Fubo TV. Moreover, Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

With Surfshark’s reliable service and affordable pricing, you can seamlessly enjoy Fubo TV’s diverse range of content, regardless of your location, while also ensuring your online privacy and security.

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