5 Best Dedicated IP VPN Services for Unblocking Anything in 2024

Your IP address is your digital identity, your online footprint. When you connect to a VPN server of your choice, your VPN company assigns you a new IP address – a dynamic one in most cases, a static IP only upon request and payment.

But why is a static IP address noteworthy at all?

Know that your dreams of a personal and exclusive internet experience can come true with such an IP address, and so, we have brought you here a list of the best dedicated IP VPN services.

But before the list, here are solid reasons why dynamic IPs are still in the market.

VPN companies maintain their users’ anonymity by assigning them a dynamic IP address. When you get a different IP address each time you’re connected through the VPN, the internet (or the internet trolls) won’t know who ‘you’ actually are.

Other than maintaining privacy, assigning dynamic IP addresses also helps VPN companies eliminate server congestion, promote online freedom and fend off any blocking by online services.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using static IPs, and we will discuss them later in the article.

For now, note that there are companies offering both, dynamic as well as static IPs, and users do have to pay extra to get a dedicated IP.

Best VPNs for Dedicated IP Address

  1. NordVPN – Has the best market reputation among others
  2. CyberGhost – Easy 2-click manual configuration
  3. VPNArea – Offers the lowest price for dedicated IP
  4. Trust.Zone – Offers dedicated IP for as low as $1.84/month
  5. TorGuard – Offers specialized streaming IP and sports IP

Note that we have recommended these 6 dedicated IP VPNs considering the following factors:

  • Availability of dedicated IP addresses in multiple locations
  • Reasonable pricing plans and payment methods
  • Robust privacy features and security protocols
  • Number of servers, fast speeds, and P2P optimization for torrenting, streaming, and online gaming
  • Standards of customer service (technical and non-technical assistance)

Here are detailed reviews for each dedicated IP VPN enlisted above.

1. NordVPN – Has the best market reputation among othersnordvpn dedicated ip vpn

If you’re looking for an immaculate all-rounder, then NordVPN is the ultimate choice. It has security features, privacy protocols, unblocking facilities almost similar to CyberGhost, the only differences are in its no. of servers and pricing.

Know that NordVPN is based in Panama. It has a verified no-logs policy with an impressive list of servers all around the world in combination with reliable apps for all major operating systems.

Currently, the company has 5200+ servers in 59+ countries and has excellent speeds that we can vouch for. But it only offers dedicated IP addresses in the United States, UK, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

NordVPN has a security feature that blocks ads, web tracking, and malicious domains. Also, there are multiple servers for high-traffic areas.

This VPN does unblock streaming services and has a proven fan base on TrustPilot, with its discount deals and marketing campaigns treating customers all year round.

With an extra cost of $70, you can get a dedicated IP VPN address that can be used for anything except for hosting since their servers do not permit port forwarding at all.

Again, NordVPN also offers Clean Reputation, and the details of a static IP and its user remain confidential. Nord’s static IP gives users access to IP-restricted networks. However, users can utilize their dedicated IP on 2 devices only.

This $70 price is billed once a year and provides dedicated IP coverage for 12 months. The monthly cost, this way, becomes $5.83, which is slightly higher than CyberGhost. You can test NordVPN’s speeds, the performance of servers, and bandwidth facilities with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. CyberGhost – Easy 2-click manual configurationcyberghost static ip

As a number one pick, CyberGhost is a consumer-side VPN offering user-friendly apps for all major platforms. Most importantly, it does offer dedicated IPs for an additional cost of $5 per month, which is totally worth it when considering the company’s 2-click manual configuration.

The process is quick and convenient and all you need to do is pay for the dedicated IP token and add the token details in your conventional VPN app. Furthermore, CyberGhost allows a clean reputation: not even the VPN company (the staff basically) knows which user has ordered or used the static IP address.

It can unblock major streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, BBC iPlayer, including other geo-restricted websites like Spotify, Pandora, and Tinder.

CyberGhost can hold its ground amongst the top VPNs and has 7700+ servers in 90+ countries, to be precise. It has updated its security by using a token system that holds off the VPN from tracing your IP address. This means that no one can lead your dedicated IP address back to CyberGhost—your IP address is literally a ghost.

CyberGhost has the military-grade 256-bit AES encryption technology in place, with multiple VPN protocols for users to switch between depending upon their internet activity.

Firstly, this is the highest level of security available in the market and currently deployed by money-market institutions. So, when your traffic is en route, a hacker will need to make 256X efforts to read your data.

With such strong encryption in place, this is humanly impossible to sniff sensitive data packets you exchange on a network or to gain unauthorized access to data in transit.

Also, this VPN brand offers 7 simultaneous connections, in times when the industry average is only 5. It comes with a trusty 45-day money-back guarantee, with features like a kill switch, DNS/IP leak protection, and a strict no-log policy.

This guarantee comes in handy if users are not satisfied with the service, wish to discontinue the service, and claim a refund within 45 days.

All of these features ensure maximum privacy and do not expose users’ IP addresses even accidentally if the VPN connection is lost. In case of technical or non-technical issues, users can choose to contact the representatives 24*7 through the live support option available on the website.

Their bestseller price plan is $82.44 billed every three years, which brings the monthly cost to $2.29 per month. The dedicated IP costs $3.75 /mo per month.

3. VPNArea – Offers the lowest price for dedicated Ivpn area dedicated ip

This Bulgaria-based VPN is affordable for dedicated IPs throughout the world. VPNArea also provides 256-bit AES security, multiple VPN protocols and is optimized for P2P file sharing.

It has a cool collection of apps for all operating systems and devices. The service allows 8 simultaneous connections, again, better than the industry average, but not more than Surfshark that offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

The company offers 100+ servers in 50+ countries of the world, offering enough speeds for activities with excessive bandwidth requirements. VPNArea’s dedicated IP locations include the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Romania.

According to VPNArea’s website, the company gives dedicated IP users full control of their activity, and the speeds of the server. With this VPN provider, there is a guarantee that no other user in the world would share the same IP and so you can maintain a pure profile on the internet.

Acquiring a dedicated IP from VPNArea is easy. A user has to go to the sign-up page and choose a dedicated IP option. After submitting the payment, the user receives the dedicated IP details in a day which can be used within the app right away.

VPNArea does not allow port forwarding on the SMTP and website ports, which means that you cannot use their services for hosting purposes.  A dedicated IP address can be used for port forwarding on a non-standard port, but that is not as effective.

There is also a strict policy against abuse, due to which VPNArea has the right to close the account and share the details about who purchased the subscription to the authorities.

The bestseller plan where users are billed $107.64 once every three years, which lowers the monthly cost to $9.90. The cost of the dedicated IP depends on the location you choose. It offers dedicated IP in USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bulgaria. Its dedicated IP prices vary from region to region and the range starts from $20-$44.

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee for 3 years and 1-year plans, and a 14-days money-back guarantee for a 1-month plan. Note that the dedicated IP once bought is not refundable with VPNArea.

4. Trust.Zone – Offers dedicated IP for as low as $1.84/monthtrust.zone dedicated ip

Trust.Zone is a basic, privacy-centered dedicated IP VPN service working out of Seychelles. It offers support for Netflix streaming with various hubs, and torrenting is permitted on all servers in their list. For users who choose a dedicated static IP, can also buy an option port forwarding feature, with a slightly higher cost.

Trust.Zone has apps for Windows, Android, and iOS, and web proxies for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but they are not a Mac VPN, since they lack a dedicated app for this OS.

Even then, Trust.Zone is impressive if you want to buy a dedicated IP address without disrupting your entire budget. It is one of the cheapest VPNs available on the market.

The price, however, varies depending on the location ranging from $1.84 per month – 10.50 per month. At these great prices, Trust.Zone, as a dedicated IP VPN is an awesome find. It has 170+ servers in 90+ locations in the world, which guarantees variety.

There are two ways to order a static IP from Trust.Zone. Current users who already have a subscription can log in to the portal, and buy a dedicated IP as an add-on.

For users who do not have a subscription currently need to go to the buy VPN page, add their account credentials and simply check the box that says Dedicated Static IP Address (with or without port forwarding), and the cost will add to the total price.

Their bestseller plan is $55.92, which lowers the monthly price to $2.33, with 5 simultaneous connections and unlimited data transfer.

Note that Trust.Zone is different from other VPN providers because the service varies across different packages. The company does not have a 24*7 chat support option. Users who need technical or non-technical assistance can contact the team during respective business hours.

5. TorGuard – Offers specialized streaming IP and sports IPtorguard for a dedicated ip

TorGuard is based in the US, is quite popular with users who use a VPN for torrenting and streaming. The service is known for its incredible speeds along with several add-ons such as encrypted email services, streaming bundles, and proxies.

Users can buy a TorGuard dedicated IP as an add-on and can later find the details in their apps (Server → More Settings). However, the app may lose track at times and users have to manually enable the dedicated IP settings.

It has a strict no-log policy with zero privacy leaks, so it can be trusted. The conventional VPN costs start from $9.99 a month, fairly expensive as compared to other services in the market.

The TorGuard offers Dedicated Streaming IP cost: $7.99USD monthly and Dedicated Residential IP cost: $13.99USD monthly.

The price sounds steep, but people prefer it because of its many promising features, including consistent speeds, potent encryption and security, P2P support, dedicated app infrastructure, and 8 simultaneous connections.

What Is The Difference Between Dynamic/Shared And Static/Dedicated Ip Address?

With a dynamic IP, when you connect to any server location, you will be sharing that server with hundreds of other users with the exact same IP address as you.

A dedicated IP, on the contrary, address is used only by you instead of sharing one with countless others.  Once you get a static IP, you will get more control since all your traffic will get routed through that IP address, each time you connect to the VPN.

Have is a look at some other differences between the two:

Dedicated IP

  • Used exclusively by you
  • Always the same virtual location
  • Pristine online reputation
  • Access to IP-restricted networks
  • Use on multiple devices simultaneously

Shared IP

  • Shared by multiple users
  • Location may or may not differ
  • No access to IP-restricted networks
  • Good for P2P file sharing
  • Use on multiple devices simultaneously

A dedicated IP enables you to avoid CAPTCHAS and makes online payments a piece of cake. A shared IP enables you to hide your online footprints among the online activity of others who are using the same IP address as you.

This doesn’t mean that a dedicated IP is risky—with a VPN, your safety is guaranteed whether you use a dedicated or a shared IP. With a dedicated IP VPN, you can gain more freedom and switch to shared or dedicated IP depending on your online activities.

What is the Advantage of a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is certainly a favorable option since it comes with many advantages, including:

  1. Secure online payment: The encryption provided by VPNs safeguards your online transactions and keeps you safe from lurking predators. You can use the same payment details without worrying about getting unwanted online exposure.
  2. Captchas: You’re not the only one who finds captchas annoying, and with a dedicated IP, you can forget them forever.
  3. No-log VPN: No-log VPNs are strict in obeying their data policy. Therefore your online ventures are absolutely hidden from everyone, instead of your gaming or torrenting community, if you want to stay only partially anonymous in front of them.
  4. Access restricted websites: Some streaming sites have IP detectors that don’t allow different IPs coming from the same device. A dedicated IP, since it is recognized, comes in handy and bypasses restrictions. Therefore accessing Hulu from Canada or Amazon Prime from Australia is always a YES!
  5. Protect your business: Other than using business VPN services, a dedicated IP business VPN, can boost online communication, data transfer, and networks of remote employees, who will get the same (static) IPs every time.
  6. IP whitelisting: You can get a dedicated IP for every employee to prevent interruptions and disruptions in your operational activities.
  7. Home security cameras: You can install security cameras in your homes without fear of hackers with a dedicated IP address.

What is the Disadvantage of Dedicated IP Address?

Unfortunately, a dedicated IP has downsides including:

  • Volume spikes: a volume spike on the same IP address can damage your internet experience and so should be managed cautiously.
  • Volume history: If once ISPs get to track the static IP address, they can practice speed throttling.
  • Cost: many services charge extra for a dedicated IP that can be accredited to whitelisting and monitoring.
  • Non-refundable: Dedicated IPs are only assigned against an additional cost. Therefore, they are often non-refundable. If you buy a dedicated IP and it doesn’t exceed your expectations, note that you won’t have an option but to keep it whilst it fails the function.

Even though the best VPNs have a no-log policy, it is noteworthy that a time correlation could be made to connect with what you did online back to the IP address you rent as a single user of an IP address.

It is also possible that in case a warrant is served, the government could be handed the control to check what you were doing while being connected to a VPN. This is of no concern to most people who do not use their VPN for shady purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated IP VPN?

A dedicated IP VPN is a VPN that provides the same IP address to a user every time the user connects to the same server. With a dedicated IP VPN, your IP is solely yours. Contrary to dynamic IPs, these personal IP addresses are meant for a single user.

Is a dedicated IP worth it?

A dedicated IP address offers you the freedom to do more with your server. You can host your SSL certificate; you could run a gaming server or others with your host VPN’s permission.

It also offers the ultimate security while you go about your routine online activities. We recommend using a dynamic IP in case you use local public Wi-Fi networks regularly to eliminate the risk of a data breach.

Does VPN provide static IP?

Not all VPN services provide static IP. The dedicated IP VPN services, as mentioned in the list, provide a static IP for an additional fee.

Is a dedicated IP faster?

Depending on your network as well as your current internet activity, a dedicated IP may offer you vastly improved speeds than a dynamic IP. The speed is distributed amongst shared server users, which is not the case with dedicated IP users.


It is undeniable that a dedicated IP VPN could make a world of difference to your online experience. Not only does it impede you from getting blocked by websites, but it also offers faster speeds in comparison to shared IP addresses.

For the extra price, using a VPN for a dedicated IP is definitely worth it. The security it provides is incomparable to all else but that’s a general narrative across the market.

Looking at it from a broader perspective, we can say that a dedicated IP definitely has disadvantages. If you do not wish to maintain a nameless profile on the internet, which is what a static IP is all about.

However, a dedicated IP comes in handy if you don’t want to regularly verify your identity, prove you’re not a bot, or don’t want your different IP addresses to be blacklisted by services like Hulu, Netflix, or Disney Plus.

If you’re convinced with the idea of using a best dedicated IP VPN, go for NordVPN for it offers wide variety of servers, streaming facilities, and unblocking abilities, and more at great prices.

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